Tom Fite

Full Stack Application Developer


I write code and try not to let the code write me.


I was raised in a tiny town in Montana. Since there wasn't much else to do, I started programming at an early age. My first computer was an Atari XE and I taught myself how to write games. Some of them were even fun! But sadly, I didn't have a disk drive, so they would be wiped out as soon as I hit the power button.

I started developing web applications before CSS was commonplace (I still have nightmares about table layouts). I worked through school at my university's IT department and was the lead developer on the school's portal system. After leaving my cushy goverment job in 2009 I've worked with multiple startups to solve a large variety of problems.

I specialize in backend development, but I have experience with front end development, network engineering and system operations. PHP is currently my weapon of choice and I've done large scale projects in Java, Go, Node.js, and the .NET framework.

When I'm not writing code, I dabble in photography and music. I play the drums, guitar and keyboards, but none of them well.


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The University of Montana
Class of 2007

Bachelor of Computer Science

My CS courses focused heavily on software engineering, and gave me the tools to build applications with well organized and structured code. My favorite courses were on 3D graphics and data visualization.

Associates of Media Arts

I learned video production, editing, composition, writing and directing. Apart from being a lot of fun, this helped me balance the logic of programming with the creativity of art.

Projects and Experience

What I've done and when I did it


Paying the bills


Managing Engineer / Oakland, CA / 2010 - Current

ExaVault is the largest dedicated S/FTP provider in the world. We are "evolving FTP", working to add advanced features like file sharing, notifications, search, and activity tracking. While much of my work at ExaVault focuses on development of our core product and services, I also work on application deployment, system operations, database design, system architecture, network engineering, analytics... I wear many hats.

Think Brilliant Media Studios

Application Engineer / Portland, OR / 2007 - 2010

I designed and implemented a variety of web applications, including sites focused on social networking, e-commerce, content aggregation, and content management. Our biggest project,, was co-founded by Rainn Wilson (of NBC's The Office). I developed and designed server-side application code for the site from its inception.

The University of Montana

Systems Analyst III / Missoula, MT / 2004 - 2010

My main duties included managing and maintaining UM's campus portal system. I lead a team of student employees to work this and other web application projects.


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Portland, OR

tom.fite at gmail dot com

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